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for the little missy

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For nicelike-rice’s birthday last week! I hope you like your Myungsoo, or should I say, MEOWSOO! <3

just casually reblogging myself, ignore this. no, i won’t call him, L.

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And you try to fight it and I don’t know why you didn’t stand a chance…

“Nice Travis Garland costume.”

remember in his Beautiful Nightmare cover, when his hair looked so anime ahaha

omg YES

i miss those times. like the NLT era, he had such anime hair. <3

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Reuniclus~! <3

This Pokemon is so cute, the more I look at it, the more I love it! Hehe. At first, I thought it was so ugly. By the way, I’m really liking pixels. :o)


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a little late but,

Hey, better late than never. Just a heads up that if you are following me for my art, then head on to Doodlish and follow me there, my stuff took residence there now.(About time, stupid me.) 8D

And thank you for the awesome support to everybody~ <3

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Jade Harley’s God tier is sooo cute~

I had to draw it. :3

shameless self reblog. :3

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Sometimes I feel guilty for doodling in class… especially on Religion assignment sheets. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY ERASER?

God tier Jade, Davesprite, and the promised Rose Lalonde. I find Rose kind of lacking.. but, she looks really cute in my doodle. 8D I love Jade’s God tier outfit, omg, the dog ears are soooooo adorable! And, Davesprite because I honestly think Dave is so cool (because he is), AND he prototyped himself as a sprite; that was a smart move.

I think I fell in love with Dave, honestly. Keep arguing with my friend on who’s better with my friend, Dave or Bro. She loves Bro as much as I love Dave.

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Layers are not enough. I wish there was a way you cam make layers within layers within layers. I must introduce you to my friends, folders. 

Also, I need more names for my layers and folders. I can’t tell them apart anymore. @____@ Aht is a pain to colour.

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Working on Aht of Radiant Historia. I drew this loooong time ago, I’m not even sure when I did the lines for it either. :/ Well, I finally found some time to colour her. :3 Aht’s so cute.

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Finished John Egbert~ Yay~ :3